Würzburg Residence

The Würzburg Residence is the masterpiece of southern german baroque and moreover one of the most important palaces in Europe. The UNESCO has declared it as World Cultural Heritage in 1981 – as the third building in Germany. It was built 1720 – 1744 according to the construction plans of Balthasar Neumann.

The Würzburg State Gallery located in the Residence runs a branch of the Bavarian State Gallery here, which is dedicated to the great centuries of venetian painting.

Marienberg Fortress

The Marienberg Fortress is situated only a stone's throw from the city centre on the left bank of the river Main. It is surrounded by vines and looks down to the old university town with its cupolas, towers and bridges. The Marienberg Fortress belongs to the most impressive monuments due to its rich historical past and its mighty appearance. The history of the castle can be followed throughout 3 millenniums.

A lovely walkway leads up to the Marienberg Fortress from St. Burkard. And the castle can be accessed on foot via the Tellsteige as well as via the terrain of the 1990 horticultural show.

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