Medieval old town

Meet a living part of past times in the medieval town of Rothenburg! The completely preserved and roof covered walkable city wall which is 2 kilometers long is full of towers and gates. They had a great importance for defending Rothenburg.

Today 46 towers in the old town give moving testimonies about Rothenburgs well-fortified history. 40 different towers or gate towers line the walk around the historic old town telling its stories.

Free Imperial City Museum Rothenburg

Have a close look at Rothenburg throughout centuries! The beautiful and quietly situated Free Imperial City Museum in the old town presents a comprehensive spectrum of town and art history.

The museum is located a former Domenican nun monastery since 1936. A walk through it leads to the internationally recognized Baumann foundation. It tells the history of European arms from the stone age to the 19th century and amongst others shows precious arms, faience, tin, locks, moulds.

Medieval Crime and Justice Museum

One thousand years of legal history are documented in the Crime and Justice Museum Rothenburg, the horrible part down in the cellar vaults … . Who loves to give oneself the creeps and still is has enough inner calmness to get objectively informed about jurisdiction, punishing methods and death penalty is in the right place! Gain an insight to jurisprudence that you will remember for long – thanks to impressive exhibits and a detailed documentation.

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